Unique Home Décor & Shabby Chic style

For me, part of unique home décor involves having artwork all around you that you appreciate and admire each day. Whether it is something hanging on the wall or pottery, mosaics or glasswork, having artwork that is special and meaningful in my home is very important.

I’ve recently expanded my home décor line from original artwork to decorative pieces made from my paintings such as, tiles, coasters, mouse pads, clocks, jewelry boxes and other items. This will hopefully enable customers to own a piece of my artwork even if they cannot afford an original painting. They also make great gifts because they can quickly be ordered and shipped out, as opposed to having something custom designed from scratch.

I also wanted to incorporate some shabby chic and romantic style home décor items to my line of artwork as it is such an enduring and popular style. My line of painted vintage ceiling tins work in a home that has shabby chic décor as well as the home that wants just an antique or vintage artwork touch here and there. I’ve also expanded my shabby chic designs into the world of vintage style jewelry and trinket boxes. I’ll be creating a whole line of pieces in different sizes that have a vintage, antique feel to them.


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