This is an example of my faux and antique windows, which are one of a kind pieces of artwork, ordered by each customer, with whatever design you would like painted.

Price is dependant on size. Windows can either be made using an antique window frame (this window is an example of that style) or framed with moulding to match the window panes that I create with paint. All antique window frames or moulding frames are included in the purchase price of the windows.

The price shown above is for this particular window only. It has been sold, so it is just an example to judge the work by. Windows done with moulding frames, can be done in vertually any size at all, either oil or watercolor. Windows using antique window frames , are of course, determined by the size of the window iteself.

Some of the basic size prices below will give you an idea of the pricing of both kinds of windows, by size. Other sizes are available, both larger and smaller, please just let me know the size you are interested in and what kind of design you would like.

12" x 16" - $150.00
16" x 20" - $195.00
18" x 24" - $275.00
22" x 28" - $375.00

Faux windows are a great way to add a view to any room.


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