Butterfly Jewelry Box Emu Egg - $53.00

This butterfly jewelry box was created using an Emu egg that measures about 5 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" around the fattest circumference. The egg has a beautiful horizontal straight cut and opens to reveal a fabric lining and an inside area that can hold quite a bit of jewelry. Refer to the photo of my wedding ring inside, this will give you an idea of the real size.

The butterfly was handpainted against a beautiful soft background of lt green, pink & white. I've used lots of Swarovski crystals on this piece, clear & green, to represent the centers of each flower. The crystals really give it a great shimmery look.

The shell of this egg is very thick and sturdy and is a beautiful black/green in color. The Emu box comes with a solid wooden stand, that holds the box very firmly.

Please allow 4 weeks from the time of order, until the time your jewelry box ships out.


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