Bride's Box/Jewelry Box Emu Egg - SOLD

This bride's box was created using an Emu egg that measures about 5 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" around the fattest circumference. The egg has a beautiful horizontal curved cut and opens to reveal a fabric lining and an inside area that can hold quite a bit of jewelry. Refer to the photo of my wedding ring inside, this will give you an idea of the real size.

The bride was handpainted against a beautiful soft landscape in the background. Here dress is a very shimmery white and is adorned with Swarovski crystals on the veil as well as the dress. Cascading down from both sets of crystals are some lovely Hydrangeas. You'll also notice that she is surrounded in the foreground by Hydrangeas as well. She looks as if she is going to be walking out into the scene at any moment.

The shell of this egg is very thick and sturdy and is a beautiful black/green in color. The Emu box comes with a solid wooden stand, that holds the box very firmly.

This piece was a custom order and has already been sold. I will gladly create more for the bride to be, as a special gift or for that person in your wedding party you wanted to say "thanks" to. You can get a similar design as shown or you can use a design from one of my pins/pendants or of course, you can create one of your own...I'll always be happy to talk over ideas with you. Together we can create the perfect custom box.

Please allow 4 weeks from the time of order, until the time your jewelry box ships out.


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