Egg Art

Egg Art is a centuries-old art form with many varied styles. The concept for all my egg pieces flows from my other works of art, which are all based on nature and the florals that I see around me each day, in my own garden and the gardens of those I visit.

Each piece of egg art starts with the raw egg that has been blown out and cleaned. If I’m making a jewelry box, the piece is blown, cut, cleaned and hinged. To form the shapes of the eggshell jewelry pins and pendants, a portion of the egg is cut away from the rest, leaving the shape for the jewelry. Blowing and cutting the eggs requires special tools and skills, I purchase the eggs after this work has already been completed, that way I can concentrate on painting the design.

At this point, I am left with a blank canvas so to speak, and I must decide what kind of design I want to create. A lot of this has to do with the shape/color and texture of the eggshell. These are all aspects that affect the layout and most importantly, the design choice itself. Once this is decided I basecoat the shell with the color that sits underneath the design. Once dry, I sketch on my design and begin to paint. When shading and highlighting are complete, I work on the details of the subject, to help bring it to life. I add the finishing touches by signing each piece and spraying it.


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