Good morning Ruth, I picked up the package yesterday.  The watercolor is perfect. It looks exactly like KC.  I will let you know after Christmas how my husband likes it but I predict a very emotional Christmas morning.  Also, the mat is great!!!!  As someone with absolutely no artistic ability I can really appreciate your artistic talent.  Thank you so very much!!!!  Have a wonderful holiday.
Jill in Connecticut





Got it! It sure did turn out nice. And I love the cards you sent too. I hope to get it put up this weekend. Thanks again for everything. Take care.

JoAnn in Maryland




I received the sign yesterday afternoon.  I can't believe you actually painted that from the pictures I sent you.  It is so much more than I hoped for.  Everything about is is absolutely perfect.  I almost cried!!  How can you do that???  You captured exactly what I was trying to say with the pictures I sent you.  I can't thank you enough.  If you ever need a reference, please let me be the first to know.  Now, I want to think of more things to have you paint!  My mother-in-law could not believe it either.  You will probably be hearing from more of my friends and family.  Again, thank you so much!!!!

Donna in Virginia

Oh, My goodness, Ruth, it's beautiful!  Now I know what you were talking about regarding the gold/black border.  I just couldn't visualize it before....I'm so excited!  I can't wait until we put it in Mariah's room.  She will be thrilled!
Thank you again for everything.  I really appreciate the extra effort you went to finding the headboard, painting it and the packing job.  Very impressive.
Anita in California


Oh I am SO VERY happy with the plaque!!!  It's absolutely PERFECT!!!  Thank you SO very much for all your hard work and I will recommend you to all my friends!  Ruth your work is just fantastic!!  I am sure my niece will just love this!
Thank you again!
Marie in Ohio



We just received the mailbox today.  It is spectacular!!  It surpassed our expectations and we love it!!  The detail you put into your work is quite remarkable!  Thank you so much!  I cant wait to put it up!!  It is by far the most beautiful mailbox Ive ever seen.  I couldn't be happier!!Thanks again!!  Talk to you soon-
Jan in New York




Hello Ruth,
I LOVE the painting- it arrived today - and looks GREAT!!  You really are so talented - it is beautiful!  I took A LOT of pictures and I only have a few left on this roll and I will get them developed and e-mail many to you.

Lisa in Arkansas

UPDATE:  This piece is now hanging in The Bistro restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Thank you again.  I really appreciate all the effort you went through not just to paint the mirror for me but to have your husband build the frame and shipping crate.  We are so happy!
Anita in California



Hello - I LOVE it - you did a GREAT job!!!  I will send a picture when it is hanging as soon as I can - I am excited to receive the others!!  THANKS again!!
Lisa in Arkansas 
    UPDATE:  This piece is now hanging in The Bistro restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Hi Ruth,
I have received the plaque and it came in perfect condition.  It is beautiful.  I want to thank you for the personal and creative ways you add to your artwork as well as how you conduct business.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Brenda in California


They arrived - all four of them!  They're gorgeous, Ruth.  We'll enjoy using them...and I'll be the envy of my friends. always, you are the best!
Melissa in Pensylvania



Thanks so so much!  The mailbox got here today and Bob had to take it out to show the mailman!  He is really impressed!
Thanks again,
Debbye in Virginia



Dear Ruth,
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my Tea Warmer arrived today and in perfect condition. It's lovely and I can't wait to find the perfect spot to display it. Again, thanks for the instructions you enclosed and the beautiful card. I will be keeping an eye out for future purchases.

Best wishes,
Marilyn in Ohio




I received my mailbox, it is AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT!!!!
Thank you so much,
Sandy in Virginia



Hi Ruth,
I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful mailbox you made for us.   Once the weather gets warmer it will grace its rightful place and I'm sure be admired by everyone who comes down the street.
Hiltrud in Missouri



We received the mailbox today (Monday). It looks great and we are very satisfied. You did a great job. Thanks for doing this. We do appreciate it.
Richard in Pennsylvania



Hey Ruth!
The glasses came in this morning. Good job! I am very pleased and they are all in one piece.

Thanks again!
Sherry in Kentucky

I received the mailbox today.  We love it!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't wait to hang it up.
Anita in California



Thank you so much for completing the mailbox for me, it arrived today and I absolutely love it.  It is just what I was hoping for.
Sue in New Hampshire



I was so happy to receive the BEAUTIFUL and ARTISTIC GLASSES today, I actually cried and had chills, just exactly what I wanted, and they came without a scratch, they are absolutely gorgeous, I may not be able to wait until Christmas to give them to her. She is going to love them. You did a wonderful job.  (tulip glasses)
Belinda in South Carolina


I received my mailbox yesterday and I love it!  It is even prettier in
person.  Thank you again for your great customer service and amazing talent!
Heather in California



WOW we all love them!  We received them yesterday hung them already this afternoon ....I promise to send pictures a.s.a.p.  THANKS again!!!
Lisa in Arkansas

Hi Ruth, I received my mailbox today.  It is absolutely beautiful!! Thank
you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with me.  It is going to look absolutely
stunning!  Again, thanks and you will be hearing from me soon to order some

Sandy in Florida


Dear Ruth, My husband ordered me a dresser set from you for me and I had to tell you that it is so beautiful. Thank you!




Ruth, the mailbox was delivered on Saturday - actually just missed the postman, and ran down the street to catch him after I saw the slip saying a package was being delivered.  The mailbox is just beautiful, the detail, the colors are perfect!  Everyone has admired it and wants one for themselves - especially me!  It will be a wonderful addition to the table at the wedding reception and afterwards being displayed at their new home.  Thank you again.
Kathy in Massachusetts


My plaque was waiting for me when I got home last night. It arrived intact, and it's just beautiful! You're a real artist!  Thank you so much!

Alice in Illinois



I received the plaque yesterday. It was more beautiful than the picture. It is a gift for my Mom, and I know she will just love it. The personal card from you was a particularly nice touch. Thank you so much for the prompt and personal service. I hope to be able to purchase something from you in the future. It was such a pleasurable buying experience.

Joyce in Illinois



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