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Artist Statement
My fine art and jewelry creations stem from a love of the outdoors and my garden. My creations are based on the beauty of the world around me. A desire to paint on canvases that are not limited in size and shape and embracing the concept that art can be wearable is what led me to start creating my own line of jewelry. Whether creating fine art or jewelry, wandering around with a camera is a great way for me to capture moments in time that can be used later for one of my creations. Whether walking in my own garden or visiting public gardens, I am constantly stockpiling photos and ideas creating inspirations for future artwork. Sometimes it is a mish-mash of ideas from things I have seen, photos I have taken and thoughts that just pop into my mind, day or night, that help form the framework for my newest pieces.

Ruth has been selling her fine art worldwide since 2002. Her canvas work is painted in acrylics on gallery canvas and features her favorite nature subjects of birds, butterflies, flower gardens and trees. Ruth started her line of jewelry by painting her favorite subjects so they could be worn and enjoyed each day. Her jewelry designs include hand-painted pendants made from puzzle pieces, wooden tiles, sand dollars and glass. Ruth’s artwork has been featured in the following publications:

Romantic Country Magazine – Summer 2009 Edition
The Tea House Times – March/April 2009
Country Victorian Magazine – Winter 2009 Edition
Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine – October 2008
Today’s Vintage – September 2008
Hot Cottage Collectible For Vintage Style Homes By Dianne Zweig

Ruth creates all her artwork in her home sunroom studio in New York’s Hudson Valley and shares life with her husband Chris and their family of two Shih Tzus.