flute, classical guitar & bassoon

Barbara Rizek, flutist
Chris Eberle, bassoonist
Gregory Dinger, classical guitarist & arranger


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An “arabesque” is a decorative figure, mobile & graceful; the word derives from European culture’s high regard for the stunning and elaborate architecture of Persia, the land of Arabian wonders...

The Arabesque Trio presents great music of the classical masters -- Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Debussy and many more -- in exquisite performances characterized by precision, expressivity and tonal beauty.

The Arabesque Trio is a unique chamber music ensemble which has been delighting listeners with its superior musicianship and distinctive programming for over ten years.  The addition of bassoon to the popular combination of flute and guitar produces a new and special balance in sound, with an unusually rich and pleasing timbral blend.  Critics have praised the “musicianship, virtuosity and voicing of each what just might become the next traditional ‘classic’ combo.  A musically fastidious performance.”  K. Montgomery/Kingston Freeman  “...A wide and varied dynamic range, virtuosity and musical expressiveness. ...Arrangements display intelligent, musical decisions... The individuals blend into a single organism. They are three terrific instrumentalists.”  H. Vogel/Woodstock Times.

The trio’s three instruments combine to give voice to great music, in imaginative arrangements by guitarist Gregory Dinger that deftly exploit the individual and group capabilities of this unique instrumentation.  The Arabesque Trio’s repertoire ranges from arrangements of solo keyboard pieces to full orchestral scores, including audience favorites like Pachelbel’s Canon, Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nacht-musik, Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite, Debussy’s Reverie, and de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance.

The Arabesque Trio also performs chamber music for guitar & other instruments by composers from the early 19th century, including trios by Kreutzer, Molino and de Fossa, and Matiegka’s setting of Beethoven’s Serenade, Op. 8.  And the trio plays a wide range of “crossover” music:  ragtime by Scott Joplin and jazz-inspired pieces by George Gershwin, a half-dozen Beatles tunes, jazz classics by Dave Brubeck and Weather Report and pop-rock songs by Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel and Yes.  Plus unique medleys (like Rondo ‘Turquoise’ -- a Mozart/ Brubeck juxtaposition and a Gershwin Fantasy) and the complete Musica Ricercata by the acclaimed contemporary Hungarian composer, Gyorgy Ligeti.