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A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

by Jean Van't Hul
June 17, 2013

A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt -- For fun, color recognition, and counting!

We did a rainbow scavenger hunt a while back—on St. Patrick's Day to be exact. So yeah, a while back. But it was fun and I have pics, so I thought I'd share even though it's three months later.

The rainbow scavenger hunt was similar to the color scavenger hunt we have done before—both are great for color recognition for the littles (such as Daphne) and a good activity to keep the kiddos occupied. Plus this one added counting and collaboration into the mix…

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

For the rainbow scavenger hunt, I had the kids find a descending number of items of each color, starting with 15 red items. Once they gathered their red blocks, basket, water cup, etc, they arranged them into a semi-circle. Then went off to find 14 orange items to arrange in the adjacent semi-circle.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

And so on….

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Once the rainbow was complete, I added gold treasure at each end, just for fun and because it was St. Patrick's Day. Chocolate gold coins would've been perfect, but I used gold wrapped hershey's kisses.

P.S. I have a list of more rainbow scavenger hunt ideas on my post from St. Patrick's Day.

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