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10 Spring Sensory Bins for Kids

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
April 15, 2024

Here are 10 fun and easy ideas for Spring sensory bins for kids. These bins offer a fun and exploratory way to engage kids’ senses and enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring!

Sensory play is fun AND important for kids’ development. Here at the Artful Parent, we like to gather sensory bin ideas for every season and holiday and share them with you! Some ideas come from Instagram, and some come from our own experiences. Either way, these hands-on activities offer colorful, textured fun that engages kids’ senses and sparks creativity.

Springtime is a great time to bring the sensory play outside, to let kids get a little messy and to let them experience the full range of Spring senses. As they play, you can ask them what they are hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling both outside and in their sensory bin.

Dive into these spring-themed ideas to create a sensory-rich learning experience for kids of all ages.

Spring Sensory Bins for Kids

flower soup
Photo by Rachel Withers

1. Flower Soup from Little Mainer Art Studio

Sensory play doesn’t have to be complicated! Just a few drops of pink food coloring added to water and some blossoms picked from the garden make a gorgeous flower soup!

Photo by Process of Play

2. Bee Playdough from Process of Play

Did you know bubble wrap pressed into playdough looks like a beehive?! We didn’t either! This playdough set up is perfect for pollinator season.

chicks and bunnies rice bin
Photo by Find the Little Mind

3. Bunnies & Chicks Rice Bin from Find the Little Mind

We love how grassy this green rice looks. Throw a few little chicks and bunnies and you’ve got a spring-tastic sensory bin!

ice flowers spring sensory bin
Photo by Process of Play

4. Flower Ice Play from Process of Play

After waiting all winter, we can finally bring the sensory play outside. Kids love to explore with ice and watch as it melts on a warm spring day. Plus, we love the pop of color these flower petals make in the frozen ice cubes.

Photo by love.and.paperhearts

5. Matcha Playdough from love.and.paperhearts

Why make plain playdough when you can make matcha playdough?! The vibrant green makes a lovely backdrop for spring poke-ins like sticks, blossoms, and leaves.

Photo by Find the Little Mind

6. Plant a Garden from Find the Little Mind

If your kids want to get going on gardening early, set them up with a sweet set up like this. If you don’t have play dirt, you could easily use kinetic sand (or real dirt!) plus some toy shovels, pails, and flowers.

black bean easter sensory
Photo by Play at Home Teacher

7. Easter Garden from Play at Home Teacher

You can use dried black beans in place of dirt, too! Kids will love scooping, pouring, and running their hands through the beans, plus planting pretend carrots!

easter playdough set up
Photo by Rachel Withers

9. Easter Fun Playdough from the Artful Parent

If you’ve got family coming over for Easter or springtime gatherings, set up a playdough table for the kids! Simply set out a few balls of brightly colored playdough, some plastic eggs, and whatever fun items you might find at the dollar store!

Photo by findthelittlemind

9. Planting Carrots from Find the Little Mind

Let your kids get a bit messy with a set up like this one. They can pretend to be a gardener planting carrots or a baker making dirt cupcakes!

easter egg rainbow rice
Photo by Andrea Martelle

10. Easter Egg Rainbow Rice from the Artful Parent

If you’ve got extra plastic eggs from the Easter Bunny, they make a great addition to any sensory bin! We love filling them up with rainbow rice and then watching as the rice pours out.

More Spring Activities for Kids

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10 Spring Sensory Bins for Kids 10 Spring Sensory Bins for Kids