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What to Do with Marbled Paper

by Jean Van't Hul
May 1, 2023
DIY marbled paper featured

Making shaving cream marbled paper is an all-time favorite kids’ art activity. Here are some ideas for what to do with all that paper you end up with!

Updated May 2023

We LOVE making shaving cream marbled paper. We love any marbling, really, but shaving cream marbling is especially fun (it involves shaving cream, after all) and beautiful liquid watercolors (the colors are just so vibrant)!

We’ve done shaving cream marbling so many times over the years, both on our own and with friends, for no special reason and to make handmade gifts.

And the inevitable issue that always arises is: what to do with all that beautiful, marbled paper?! Because you will end up with tons! We’ve found that everyone has so much fun making the paper, you usually run out of materials before you’re ready to stop.

Here’s a video showing Shaving Cream Marbled Paper in action! And don’t forget to scroll down for some of our favorite ways to use it!

Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

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For detailed instructions on shaving cream marbling, please visit our post all about the process. There we lay out step-by-step how to make beautifully marbled paper!

marbled paper pinterest
Photo by Rachel Withers

What to Do with Marbled Paper

1. Try one of our 13 ways to reuse children’s art

Marbled paper lends itself well to being used for gift wrap, note cards, valentines, buntings, collages, book covers, and more!

marbled paper landscape
Photo by Danielle Falk

2. Make a marble paper art landscape collage

Create beautiful marble paper art landscape collages inspired by Australian artist Kate Shaw.

3. Use a marbled paper plate to make a beautiful butterfly

Use paper plates to marble and then simply cut the marbled paper plate into wings and decorate your butterfly!

paper hearts for valentines
Photo by Andrea Martelle

4. Check out these Valentine craft ideas

If you happen to make marbled paper in February, you can use it to make some super cute Valentines!

5. Frame your paper and display it on the wall

We’ve got some great ideas for kids’ art displays that would work perfectly with some newly marbled paper!

marbled paper hearts
Photo by Andrea Martelle

People Also Ask:

  • How do you make marbled paper? It is so easy to make! Just spray the shaving cream into a shallow dish and swirl some drops of paint into. Then carefully press a piece of cardstock into the cream and remove. Scrape off the excess shaving cream and there you have it!
  • What kind of paint do you use for shaving cream marbling? You can use just about any paint you have on hand! We love liquid watercolors for it, but you can try tempera, acrylics, or even watered-down food coloring.
  • What kind of paper is used for paper marbling? We have found that thicker, smooth paper like cardstock or poster board works best for this art activity.
  • Can you mix shaving cream and paint? Yes, you can! It will make the paint a little foamy and not as spillable! Be sure to check out all the fun art activities you can try with shaving cream.

Have you made shaving cream paper with your kids yet? If not, it’s a must-try art project!

More Marbling Art Activities for Kids

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What to Do with Marbled Paper What to Do with Marbled Paper

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