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How to Make Heart Shirts for Valentine’s Day

by Jean Van't Hul
January 17, 2024

Make your own heart shirts by printing heart doilies. An easy Valentine’s Day printmaking project for kids!

Updated February 2024

Here’s an easy way to make your own shirts for Valentine’s Day! Simply print using a paper heart doily onto the shirt of your choice!

Here’s how to make these easy printed heart shirts.

How to Make Heart Shirts for Valentine’s Day

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  1. Paint the doilies

    Lay your heart doily right side up on a sheet of newspaper or scrap paper. Have another piece of paper handy nearby.

    Now pour a small amount of your fabric paint onto a plate and roll your paint roller around to evenly coat it with paint.

    Roll your paint-covered roller over the doily, coating it as evenly as possible with the paint.

  2. Print your heart

    Set your doily, paint side down, on the center of your shirt (or wherever you want the heart print).

    Lay that extra piece of paper that you kept handy over the doily and use a hard rubber brayer (or a rolling pin or bottle) to roll over the paper and doily to transfer the paint evenly to the shirt.


  3. Reveal and let dry!

    Lift the paper and doily off to reveal your heart print. Let dry 8 hours or overnight.
    Then heat set the paint according to the instructions on the paint bottle.

You can also print your hearts onto your extra jersey fabric (either an old tee shirt or from the fabric store). Then cut out the heart and sew it onto your shirt.

Doily Printed Heart Shirts for Valentine's Day 04

Doing it this way has the added bonus that you can select the heart prints that came out great and not stress about the ones that didn’t.

Doily Printed Heart Shirts for Valentine's Day 02

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